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DRC subcontractors at the heart of ARSP

The Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) subcontracting regulator known as the ARSP will soon to be launching a campaign for subcontracting activities.

According to a statement by the Director General Ahmed Kalej Nkand, the campaign is aimed at recognizing all companies intending on participating in subcontracting activities before licensing them

With this, companies operating in DRC will be required to make use of local subcontractors in future.

These requirements add to the raft of new measures mining companies have had to contend with over the past year, after the state in March 2018 raised taxes and other costs.

The statement further indicated that all unauthorised companies will be totally excluded from the marketplace.

“The reforms will require companies to verify that their existing subcontractors have made the necessary adjustments to their ownership structures,” added Vincent Rouget, senior Africa analyst at Control Risks.


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  1. This is the right way to go, DRC. This way at least you will have some funds retained within DRC for investment in other areas of the economy and to strengthen your local currency. Dont be like Zambia where even simple cleaning contracts in all major chain stores are given to foreign companies. Mines in Zambia have a field day, make Billions of Dollars, declare fake loses in perpetuity, while externalising almost all the money they make but only pay very little in mineral royalties.