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Kansanshi Mine remains resilient

First Quantum Minerals’ Kansanshi Mine has posted positive results despite operational challenges, declining ore grades and the need to contain costs The company’s 2016 financial results confirm its status as Zambia’s flagship copper mine. Kansanshi maintained its position during 2016 as Zambia’s largest copper producer (250 000 tonnes), one of …

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Copper-processing plant to open at Kalulushi dumpsite

Mineral Junxion Zambia has budgeted US$3 million to construct a mineral processing plant to extract copper and cobalt slag at the dumpsite owned by Konkola Copper Mine in Kalulushi. The company has already submitted an environmental impact statement (EIS) report to the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA), ahead of commencing …

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RTS Africa spin filters help compressors ‘breathe’ easier

Air compressors used in industry are, for the most part, well-proven, reliable pieces of equipment, able to operate for years with relatively little maintenance. However, their very reliability can lead to problems when the quality of their intake air is neglected. “Many industrial air compressors work in very dusty conditions, …

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