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Regulatory vagueness cast shadow over South Africa

The controversial Reviewed Draft Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Charter for the South African Mining and Minerals Industry, also known as Mining Charter III has led to low investor confidence and continuing breaches of trust between government and industry, resulting in declining constructive engagement. Amid lingering political uncertainty, the charter and …

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Jubilee buys 29% stake in BMR

Jubilee Metals Group has acquired a 29.01% interest in the enlarged issued share capital of BMR Group for £500 000 cash. The acquisition increases Jubilee’s interest in the Zambian Kabwe project to 57.41%, subject to Jubilee’s election to execute the Kabwe project. “The acquisition secures Jubilee the right to a …

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Respirable silica dust long-term exposure health effects

If you decide to take a walk along a sandy beach, you will be walking on millions of particles of crystalline silica, one of the most common minerals and an important element in the glass and ceramic industry. While it exists in nature mainly as quartz, silica is also used …

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