Construction of Mokambo Mine Delayed

The construction of the US$260 million Mokambo Copper Mines (MCM) in Mufulira has delayed due to the late issuance of a land title by the local authority.

Changfa Mineral Resources Limited was scheduled to commence construction works at the multi million dollar copper project site next month in Mokambo area.

General manager Lyu Jing said in an interview that works could not commence because the local authority was still processing the land title for the mine.

“We are still waiting for the land title from the local authority, after that we will submit the project to the Zambia Environmental Management Authority (ZEMA) for assessment and then start capital raising,” he said.

Mr Lyu said that the mine, once completed would have a production capacity of 3,000 tonnes of copper ore per day and that about 900 people would be expected to be employed.

Ore drilling at Kitumba project has been on-going


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