Dust Fighter shows its worth at demolition site

07 March 2014, Johannesburg:

Stringent regulations concerning the management of dust pollution are being promulgated internationally to improve conditions in the workplace and protect communities living close to mining, quarrying and construction sites.

Southern Africa, with its heavy dependence on the extractive industries and its on-going creation of new infrastructure, is keeping pace with this trend.

The need for improved health, safety and environmental standards has prompted South African crushing and screening specialist Pilot Crushtec International to identify and source an effective mobile dust suppression system.

The Dust Fighter range of products was specifically designed to enable operators to meet rigorous European Union health and safety regulations for dust control.

Products suppress airborne material by spraying water in the form of an ultra-fine mist made up of droplets sized between four and six microns. A single unit, discharging water at a rate of 2,000 litres per hour, can oscillate its spray through a radius of 335°, effectively mitigating the effects of airborne dust across a widespread area of up to 50 metres.

An important safety feature is that the fineness of the mist emitted ensures that there is no residual ground water to create muddy or slippery surfaces.

The Dust Fighters’ capability was displayed in front of several thousand onlookers watching the weekend implosion of the Munitoria Building located in the northern city of Tshwane. Pilot Crushtec International partnered with the municipal fire department by providing a DF 7500 to prepare the site by moistening the gravel areas and then mitigating a vast amount of airborne dust.

Technical sales manager Rudolf van Rooyen says the unit was impressed with its simplicity and visibly powerful performance.

We simply towed it to the demolition site, plugged it into a mains power supply and were ready to go.”

Compact, highly mobile and relatively inexpensive, the Dust Fighter provides the ideal dust suppression solution to the crushing and screening industry. Pilot Crushtec International currently offers two Dust Fighter products, the DF 7500 which disperses 2,000 litres per hour and the DF 15000 which can emit 3,000 litres during the same period.

Produced in Italy, Dust Fighter products are fully supported by Pilot Crushtec International service and warranty programmes.

 Standard features include:

•             25 metre cable with plugs

•             Two-wheel site tow running gear and jaw bar

•             Forklift pockets

•             Two height adjustable stabilisers

•             Quick fit connections

•             On-board control panel

•             80 µm MESH inlet water filter and pre-nozzle filter

•             Water pressure gauge

•             Height adjustable handle

•             Phase inverter

•             Automatic oscillation system

•             Remote control facility


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