IWC Acquires Tektower

Roger Rusch MD at IWC and CEO of Towertek

South African leaders in cooling towers and cooling solutions, IWC, announced that is have acquired Tektower, a South African cooling tower manufacturer andrelated services provider.

Tektower, formerly known as Suzler Cooling, has been providing innovative cooling solutions for 40 years completing projects in South Africa and on the sub-continent including Sudan, Kenya, Zambia, Nigeria, Mozambique and Mauritius.

Currently based in Spartan, Gauteng, Tektower will be relocating to the IWC company premises in Isando, retaining its brand name and operating as an IWC


While existing management of Tektower will remain the same, joining the board of directors at Tektower is Mr. Pooven Reddy, current Financial Manager of

IWC who will take over as Financial Director of the new IWC subsidiary, and Mr Roger Rusch, Managing Director of IWC, who will assume the role of CEO.

Mr Rusch says, “The strength of the Tektower brand and their expertise in the South African market as well as their impressive track record in Africa offers an added advantage to IWC’s existing service and product offering.”

Back Ground

Industrial Water Cooling (Pty) Ltd (IWC) are a specialist water cooling company, with specific strength and focus on evaporative cooling systems and cooling towers in particular.

IWC was founded in 1986, specialises in evaporative water cooling for numerous applications.

For many years IWC has been a member of the CTI, Cooling Technology Institute, based in the USA. This association has as its member’s consultants, designers, constructors as well as end users of cooling towers.

Due to IWC’s extensive experience in the refurbishment of cooling towers it has undertaken in excess of 80% of the Natural Draught refurbishment work conducted in South Africa.

IWC has completed the on-line refurbishment of a Natural Draught Cooling Tower in Australia and also in South Africa & Zimbabwe.


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