Kansanshi Mining to spend $4.7 million on road upgrade

KANSANSHI Mining Plc will spend US$4.7 million to upgrade a 50.4-kilometre road in Solwezi, which will be used to transport silica for the mine’s copper sulphide plant.

Recently, the company commissioned a new smelter to process 1.2 million tonnes of sulphide copper concentrates per annum at Kansanshi and Sentinel mines.

To operate the smelter, a reliable supply of quality silica is required.

“Kansanshi Mining Plc plans to develop the silica haul road from St Dorothy to Muchenga Silica Quarry for a reliable source of quality silica had been identified at Muchenga Mine, about 150 kilometres [away].

“This first 25.2 kilometer road will require a full rehabilitation to upgrade it to haulage road standard. Kansanshi Mining Plc proposes to construct the second 25.2 kilometre additional access road from the U11 to Muchenga Silica Quarry in Luswishi, Lufwanyama. This second 25.2km road will also require a full construction to haulage road standard,” reads a report to the Zambia Environmental Management Agency, in part.

The report says implementation of the project will also enhance road access and Kansanshi Mining Plc will allow the local community to use the proposed silica haul route.

“The capital cost for implementing the silica haul road [includes] approximately US$75,000 for the construction of storm-water culverts,” says the ZEMA reports.

Under the project, there will be bush clearing and removal of topsoil and anthills to 30 metres width along the entire route.

Other activities are excavation, loading, hauling, dumping and processing of a 150 milimetre of suitable wearing course gravel layer, incorporating chemical stabilisers to minimise wear and reduce the generation of dust, among other


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