Mbala Power Projects to enhance livelihoods – Zesco

Zesco Head Office
Zesco Head Office
Zesco Limited says completion of its K21 million electricity distribution infrastructure projects in Mbala district will enhance people’s livelihoods since they will now access power to support various developmental projects.
In a telephone interview recently, Zesco Mbala area manager, Joseph Kafungu said installation of distribution infrastructure equipment such as sub-stations; transmission poles, load centres and related projects will create opportunities for people to develop economically.
“The main benefits will be enhanced health care, improved literacy, improved farming activities as there will be electricity for irrigation.
“Other benefits are enhanced tourism, utilisation of the fishing potential, improved lifestyles and stimulation of development at Mambwe mission, which is the headquarters of the newly created Senga Hill district,” Mr Kafungu said.
Notable areas that have been electrified include chiefs Mpande and Nsokolo, Mambwe mission, rural health centre and basic schools.
A total of 47km of 33kv is being constructed from Chimula School at the junction to Mambwe mission to supply Chipoka Secondary School, Chief Nsokolo’s Palace, Nsokolo School, local court, rural health centre and surrounding communities.
Other areas that have been electrified include Chisanza on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, Kalambo Falls heritage site and Kasesya border post between Zambia and Tanzania.
The rest of the electrified areas include Chiefs Mwamba and Chinakila palaces, Makungu Community, Kakozya Primary School, Mbala, Mwamba rural health centre; Mwamba Basic School, Vyamba and Mulilanondo primary Schools, Chinakila rural health centre and Chinakila Day Secondary School .


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