Mozambique Pursues New Mining Laws

Critically anticipated legislation changes intended to regulate the mineral potential of Mozambique, thus help it come to full realization, hinges on the Government’s determination to revoke previous ‘archaic’ laws that impede growth.

Realising that the mineral wealth of the country had in 2013 alone generated over US$2 billion for the country’s revenue, the Mozambique Government wants to pursue the speedy enactment of new laws that will drive the growth of the sector, impeded by years of civil strife and poor infrastructure.

Realizing the untapped potential of the industry, players in the country’s mining sector are pursuing parliament to ensure it repeals ‘bad laws’ and unveil the blueprint that will ensure the new law is unveiled to accelerate growth of the industry.

According to reports, the Government seeks to ensure that Parliament, sooner rather than later, brings the New Mining Law into effect to revoke the previous Law. The final draft of Mozambique’s New Mining Law is expected to be signed into law during the current sitting of Parliament, pushing the much anticipated Laws publishing date to not later than May 2014.

The implications of the New Mining Laws for mining companies and ancillary industries involved in this sector and country are vast. Against this backdrop, stakeholders plan to converge in Johannesburg on 8 July this year to brainstorm how the country could enact the impending law and ensure the country benefits from the mineral wealth, according to data posted on the Website: 

The planned meeting has been set to be hosted in Johannesburg, South Africa at the Grand Lakes Hotel and Conference Centre in collaboration with the African Influence Exchange, according to reports available to Mining News Zambia. 

This one day market briefing will provide unparalleled insight into the latest legislative, policy and tax changes. Stakeholders may need to brace themselves for new and emerging challenges to to their competitiveness.

According to the tentative agenda, issues to be discussed will include an in-depth analysis of the new regulatory environment, new mining titles including mining treatment, processing and local content prospective developments. Also expected to be tackled are policy options for local content in Mozambique, new timing requirements for exploration and prospecting, mining concessions licenses and Restrictions on the transfer of mining rights and titles. 

Further deliberation will cover developments in resource tax in Mozambique, land access, Resettlement and Employment Law, and Work Permits for would -be investors and other emigrants in the Southern African emerging metal market.


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