Msiska retires after 15 years at Kansanshi

Godfrey Msiska former Kansanshi Mine ‘image creator’ has retired after 15 years of enhancing the visibility and reputation at FQM subsidiary.

“It’s hard to find the right words to describe my time with Kansanshi. Suffice it to say it has been an enthralling 15 years that felt like it was just 5 years!

So much happened during that time, I could almost not keep track. It was a memorable 15 years,” Msiska eloquently described his time.

Msiska said he is retiring to spend more time with his family and to explore the other side of the world outside employment.

Msiska has advised others still in employment at Kansanshi Mine or elsewhere in the FQM group’s companies in Zambia to simply work hard and contribute to the company’s productivity, since that is the only route to the success of the mine and its employees.

Having been the pivot of the interaction between the mine and the mine’s stakeholders, Msiska confesses that he will miss everything and everybody that he came into contact with within the company circles and the local communities, adding that FQM is a good employer which allows its employees to grow, based on the company’s values of being Bolder, Smarter, Driven, and TOGETHER.

He looks forward to motivating other employees pending retirement and he personally anticipates a restful retirement, knowing full well that he gave his job and work the best effort. He strongly believes that it is honourable to retire from one’s employment in peace.

“We are grateful to Godfrey for his service and the times we shared together and we value his support and continued hard work. It is sad to see him go,” said Matt Pascall the FQM Group Director of Business Development during Msiska’s farewell party at the Kansanshi Golf Estate.

Pascall attributed Msiska’s work to have been part of the strength for the FQM Company in Zambia, as he thanked him for the tremendous work he had done for the company.

He applauded Msiska’s dedication and support rendered to the company and presented to him a copper plaque as a token of appreciation.

The farewell party was held for him and his family at the Kansanshi Golf Club where he has served as Club President for twelve years.

Meanwhile Anthony Mukutuma, the Kansanshi Mine General Manager, described Msiska as a leader who made life for the company and its publics easier due to his rare capability of resolving any matters involving the mine and its stakeholders and always coming up with a win-win solution.


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