New generation cost effective handheld sensor


The new generation IP68 rated sentient handheld unit is widely regarded as the most cost effective, sophisticated and low maintenance gas detection device in the mining industry today. This high tech instrument was developed specifically to improve safety in underground mining and in any confined spaces in surface plants, and is the first multi-gas instrument in South Africa that also measures relative humidity as a standard offering.

The Sentient is also available with Fire Patrol capabilities. Distinguished by its bright red seal, the Fire Patrol Sentient is inserted into outstations located in specific areas underground, where it records date, time, gas and humidity measurements.

A downloading network configuration is capable of gathering information from up to 500 sentient units in a matter of minutes. All this equipment is connected via a network to a Sentient downloading server, where specialised software enables various reports to be generated, such as detailed information on gas detected in the underground environment, peak values, TWA values, pre-shift tested values, calibration reports and “no movement reports”. Sentient software is web-based, making it possible to email these reports to relevant personnel automatically.

The low maintenance Sentient has no buttons — instead an innovative “tap” sensor ensures that the instrument remains watertight. Another unique feature is a “drop protection” capability that automatically switches off the sensor if the instrument is dropped, reducing possible maintenance time and costs.


Booyco Electronics is a single source market leader that supplies quality specialised electronic safety equipment, including collision intervention systems. Its range of reliable accurate warning, locating and monitoring systems is engineered to operate in the harsh African conditions.


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