Real time data with Booyco Electronics on-board monitoring system

Booyco Electronics’ state-of-the-art on-board monitoring device is fitted to underground mining equipment to measure a spectrum of parameters that affect both equipment and operator. These include detailed, accurate and real-time data indicating the operating, standing and idle hours of vehicles, the percussion running hours of drill rigs and roof bolter machines, as well as machine abuse.


The ability to monitor the percussion hours of a piece of machinery provides management with detailed information on how many hours the drill bit worked, as well as the actual production hours of the machine when the percussion was running and the amount of vibration to which the operator was subjected.

To avoid driver fatigue, this innovative on board monitoring technology can also be configured to automatically shut down machines at pre-set intervals and only allow them to be restarted once the rest period is over.

Detailed reports of the various data are accessed via a fixed reader connected to a fibre optic backbone that is linked to a server on the surface, or via a portable tablet or PC fitted with a reader.

Booyco Electronics is a single source market leader that supplies quality specialised electronic safety equipment, including collision intervention systems. Its range of reliable accurate warning, locating and monitoring systems is engineered to operate in the harsh African conditions.


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