Rukwa coal project in Tanzania Gets Approval

AFRICAN coal exploration and development firm Edenville Energy has secured Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) approval for mining at the Namwele and Mkomolo near Lake Rukwa in Tanzania.

The EIA report was submitted to the National Environment Management Council (NEMC) in December 2013, following field studies and analysis in conjunction with environmental consultant Tansheq, the company said.

“We are excited about receiving the approval of the EIA as it is a critical milestone in the development of the Rukwa Coal to Power Project,” Edenville Energy CEO Rufus Short remarked.

“It is a key deliverable for Edenville and provides the cornerstone from which to move forward with the coal mine development plan,” Short said.

The EIA approval allows the company to start mining, including completion of a feasibility study on the coal to power project. Subsequently, it will be able to convert the current prospecting licences and primary mining licences into full mining licences.

The EIA certificate is valid during the entire life cycle of the project based on the company’s compliance with the specific conditions.

“We will continue to assess this and other options to achieve the best outcomes for our shareholders and the people of Tanzania and to ensure the project is developed in the most appropriate and viable manner,” Short added.


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