Sandvik To Unlock Zambian Copper Ore Body

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology has entered into a long-term agreement with NFC Africa Mining Plc (NFCA) to supply the necessary equipment and skills to effectively mine the lucrative South East Ore Body (SEOB) of the Chambishi copper mine in Zambia.

With the assistance of Sandvik Zambia, the mine will enter into a four-year agreement to supply a comprehensive solution that will include automation of the mine, equipment, services, training and the company’s unique Trans4Mine optimisation program.

Sandvik will begin to supply NFCA with a complete suite of mining equipment to successfully mine the SEOB, beginning in March 2017 and running through 2020.

“We believe this is just the start of a bright partnership with NFCA and its mother-company China Nonferrous Metal Mining Co. Ltd.” says Daniel Banister, Sales Area Manager for Central Africa at Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology. “Our investment in increasing the competence of our personnel is clearly paying dividends as we have the right people and products to support even the largest operations in the Central African region. It certainly paves the way for future similar successful partnerships with other mines in the region.”

During the signing ceremony held at the mine recently, NFCA Senior Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Mr Donghong Zhang affirmed the good working relationship that exists between the companies, adding that since the project started in 2012 Sandvik has shown tremendous support and commitment.

He also commended the company on its ability to leverage its local and international expertise to find solutions for the Chambishi Mine.

“A project of this nature underscores Sandvik Zambia’s ability as a full-fledged solution provider, rather than just being a product driven company,” Zhang says. “This is just the kind of company that NFCA needs to be doing business with in the future.”


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