Yaluma wants to fast-track copper beneficiation

Authorities are expected to draft a policy compelling mining firms to set up processing plants for finished copper products in Zambia.

Christopher Yaluma, the minister of mines says it is unacceptable to continue importing finished copper products, instead of manufacturing from within the country.

Yaluma says copper beneficiation will create a lot of jobs and contribute to revenue earnings, adding that exporting copper blisters denies the treasury revenue.

He said the blisters contain a lot of minerals which are disintegrated in the foreign processing plants.

Government also wants to prop up business for small-scale miners exploited through large firms’ low prices due to lack of mining machinery.

He is however delighted that the South African delegation which includes SA Capital Equipment is looking at Zambia as a potential market.

Yaluma notes that collaborations between equipment suppliers and small scale miners would help in growing the industry.


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