Zambia to Shake Up Mining Industry with Production Sharing Plan

Zambia is set to revamp its mining revenue model, ditching the current dividend system in favour of a more direct approach. The Zambian Cabinet recently greenlit the establishment of a special purpose vehicle (SPV) aimed at maximizing the nation’s profits from its rich copper reserves.

“This move marks a significant shift away from the traditional dividend payment model for mineral resources,” declared a Zambian Cabinet official, as reported by Reuters. “We’re adopting a production-sharing mechanism to ensure Zambia benefits beyond just statutory obligations.”

This new business model promises a more hands-on approach for the government. Instead of relying solely on dividends from mining companies, Zambia will now directly share in the physical copper produced. This not only grants them a larger piece of the pie, but also empowers them to negotiate mineral prices directly, potentially fetching a better deal.

“The SPV will be crucial in ensuring accurate declarations of mineral consignments destined for both export and domestic use,” emphasized the Cabinet. This focus on transparency suggests a clampdown on potential under-reporting, a concern sometimes raised with the dividend model.

The announcement comes on the heels of a recent transaction by ZCCM Investment, the state-owned mining investment arm. ZCCM strategically divested a majority stake in Mopani Copper Mines, a move some see as a prelude to the government taking a more active role in the industry.

Mines Minister Paul Kabuswe has previously expressed Zambia’s desire for a larger slice of the mining revenue pie. “We’re looking to secure bigger stakes in upcoming mining projects,” he remarked, highlighting the government’s ambition to not only boost state coffers but also encourage mining companies to reinvest profits into Zambia’s social development.

While Zambia’s copper output dipped slightly in 2023 compared to the previous year, the nation remains optimistic. The country has set a bold target of tripling its annual copper production to a staggering three million tonnes within the next decade, fuelled by the anticipated surge in demand for copper in the renewable energy and construction sectors.

This shift in mining revenue strategy signifies Zambia’s determination to capitalize on its abundant copper resources and translate its mineral wealth into tangible benefits for the nation.


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