THE value of Zambia’s metal exports increased to K3, 967.3 million in August 2015 from K3, 625.7 million in July 2014.

The overall contribution of metals and their products to the total export earnings in August and July 2015 averaged 75.1 per cent.

Central Statistics Office (CSO) director John Kalumbi said exports of Non Traditional Exports (NTEs) increased from K1.154.4 million in July, 2015 to K1,443.5 million in August, 2015. This means that the share of NTEs recorded an average of 24.9 per cent in revenue earnings between July and August 2015.

“The major export destination in August 2015 was Switzerland, which accounted for 48.9 per cent.
Major export products to Switzerland were cathodes and sections of cathodes of refined copper accounting for 53.2 per cent,” Mr Kalumbi said.

China was the second main destination of Zambia’s exports accounting for 15.2 per cent with the major export product to that destination being copper blisters representing 72.4 per cent.

He said Singapore was the third main export destination accounting for 9.3 per cent.
Mr Kalumbi said the major export product o Singapore was semi-precious stones accounting for 43.4 per cent.

South Africa was the fourth main export destination accounting for 5.9 per cent, with the major export products being semi-manufactured gold, non –monetary representing 16.8 per cent.
He said Asia was the largest market for Zambia’s total exports, accounting for 27.5 per cent in August 2015.

Within Asia, China dominated the exported market, accounting for 55. 3 per cent, with other notable markets being Japan and United Arab Emirates.

Southern African Develpment Community (SADC) regional grouping was the second largest market for Zambia’s total exports, accounting for 19.7 per cent in August 2015.

“Within SADC, South Africa was the dominant market with 30.1 per cent. Other notable markets in SADC were Congo, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Tanzania,” he said.


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