Africa one capital seeks to increase exposure to Zambian Copperbelt

The Africa One Core Mining Services Fund, ran by Africa One Capital PCC of Mauritius, has announced that it seeks to expand its investment on the Zambian Copperbelt by investing in key strategic partnerships as well as funding expansion projects of its local subsidiary Group R Mining & Exploration (Zambia) Ltd.

“The Zambian Copperbelt is fast becoming a hub for mining related investment and increased expansion activities by most of the larger mining houses boasts well for above average growth” says John Fogwell, Africa One’s Investment Manager.

Africa One also has a keen eye on unlocking some of the opportunities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and sees the Copperbelt as the best strategic springboard.

Africa One Capital PCC was founded to identify, exploit and leverage the plethora of business opportunities available in Africa by providing institutional and armchair investors with the opportunity to invest into larger unlisted equities in Africa providing investors stable, above average growth whilst still enjoying liquidity not normally associated with private equity investments.


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