Dymot Engineering Revolutionizes Belt Tension Control for High-Capacity Mining Operations

Dymot Engineering, a global leader in mining equipment manufacturing, unveils a game-changing innovation in belt tension control. The Electronic Belt Tension Control System (BTS) marks a significant departure from traditional gravity take-up systems, offering superior precision and control for high-speed, long-haul conveyor operations.

This cutting-edge system leverages a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) as its conductor, meticulously orchestrating belt tension throughout the entire operational cycle. The Human-Machine Interface (HMI) acts as a digital maestro, allowing operators to set the desired pre-start and running tension with intuitive ease. Real-time belt tension readings, displayed on the HMI in both static and operational modes, empower informed decision-making.

Dymot’s BTS caters to the evolving needs of modern mining by accommodating manual control alongside its automated capabilities. Fault monitoring capabilities proactively identify potential issues, while over/under tension tripping safeguards the integrity of the belt. The system records tension data for later analysis, further enhancing operational efficiency.

Beyond tension control, the BTS seamlessly integrates with broader plant networks, facilitating streamlined communication and data exchange. This level of connectivity paves the way for proactive maintenance and data-driven optimization of conveyor performance.

Dymot’s commitment to innovation extends beyond the core functionality of the BTS. Their braked capstans, strategic partners for horizontal gravity take-up systems, serve as shock absorbers, mitigating the impact of unexpected load surges and protecting the counterweight from damage. Dymot’s portfolio also boasts the world’s largest braked capstan to date, a testament to its engineering prowess and ability to address demanding industrial applications.

Recognizing the trend towards longer and wider conveyor belts, Dymot developed heavy-duty belt reelers capable of handling a diverse range of belt widths. This versatile solution eliminates the need for frequent splicing and minimizes equipment requirements, streamlining operations and reducing associated costs.

Dymot’s product portfolio extends well beyond belt tension control. Their comprehensive offerings include plant manoeuvring winches, rail car moving systems, hydraulic winches, rope sheaves, barge moving winches, mill rotating winches, and stage construction winches. Each product embodies Dymot’s relentless pursuit of precision, reliability, and operational efficiency.

With over 54 countries served and an unwavering commitment to quality, as evidenced by their ISO 9001:2015 certification, Dymot Engineering stands as a trusted partner for mining operations worldwide. Their innovative solutions empower miners to embrace the future of mining, maximizing productivity and profitability while minimizing downtime and ensuring the safety of their workforce.


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