Koryx Copper Strikes Copper with IP Survey, Paving Way for Targeted Drilling in 2024

Koryx Copper, a mineral exploration and development company with its sights set on Zambia’s Copper Belt, has uncovered promising veins of potential beneath the surface. Armed with the results of a meticulous induced polarization (IP) survey, the company is now charting a course for targeted drilling in 2024, fueled by a potent cocktail of copper and cobalt anomalies.

“This survey wasn’t just about mapping the land,” emphasizes Pierre Léveillé, Koryx Copper’s President and CEO. “It was about setting the stage for future exploration endeavors, drilling right into the heart of promising targets.”

Phase 1 of the IP survey saw a 40.1 km stretch of the Luanshya West project combed with advanced electrical technology. Six targets, handpicked based on robust copper and cobalt signatures from a previous soil sampling campaign, were meticulously scanned. The aim? To confirm the depth of these hidden treasures and ensure any future drilling wouldn’t miss a beat.

But navigating the Zambian Copper Belt’s characteristic cover presented a unique challenge. “We had to be sure we wouldn’t drill past our target, buried beneath layers of earth,” explains Léveillé. Precision became paramount, and the gradient array IP survey delivered, not only confirming the anomalies but also expanding their boundaries, thanks to Earthmap Consulting’s insightful interpretation report.

Phase 2 delved deeper, deploying the pole-dipole method over already identified anomalies. This intricate dance with depth and characteristics provided the missing piece to the puzzle – pinpointing the exact depths where Koryx Copper should aim their drills in the upcoming campaign.

“Earthmap Consulting’s expertise proved invaluable,” acknowledges Léveillé. Their interpretation of airborne magnetic data for the project revealed two distinct types of mineralization targets, adding another layer of guidance to the exploration roadmap.

But the story doesn’t end there. A comprehensive review of existing data – geochemical, geological, and even regional airborne data – has yielded six high-priority zones, ripe for further investigation. This groundwork, Léveillé confirms, provides a solid foundation for the meticulous work to come.

With targeted drilling just around the corner, Koryx Copper has struck a chord of excitement in the mining world. Their commitment to meticulous exploration, coupled with the alluring whispers of copper and cobalt beneath the Zambian soil, paints a picture of a company poised for potential success. This is not just about drilling; it’s about unearthing a future brimming with possibilities, one mineral-rich layer at a time.

By; Layeni Phiri


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