Empower your maintenance workforce with WearCheck training courses

The condition monitoring sector is one which is constantly evolving and developing to incorporate innovation and boost efficiency. It is for this reason that ongoing training is essential to keep the maintenance crew at the forefront of technological advancements within the industry.

WearCheck’s technical manager, Steven Lumley, who oversees the company’s training programme, believes that companies where staff are not well trained in the latest maintenance techniques will be hampered by diminishing effectiveness of their condition monitoring programme.

Says Lumley, ‘We urge companies operating in all industries to invest in training their staff to optimise their return on investment in condition monitoring.

‘All WearCheck’s courses comply with lockdown regulations to ensure the safety of delegates and staff. Please contact us to confirm whether the courses will be held at a venue or online, as we strive to comply with pandemic regulations.’

The oil analysis and condition monitoring training courses are targeted at maintenance practitioners operating at various levels within an organisation. Many of these courses earn valuable CPD (continuing professional development) points for delegates.

Customer training courses run by WearCheck, and the duration:

Course Days
·         Precision Shaft Alignment 2, incl. practical
·         Precision Balancing 2
·         Vibration Analysis ISO CAT I 5, incl. exam
·         Vibration Analysis ISO CAT II 5, incl.  exam
·         Vibration Analysis ISO CAT III 5, incl. exam
·         Asset Reliability Practitioner – advocate (ARP-A) 3, incl. exam
·         Asset Reliability Practitioner – engineer (ARP-E) 5, incl. exam
·         Asset Reliability Practitioner – leader (ARP-L) 5, incl. exam
·         Oil Analysis 1 2
·         Oil Analysis 2 1
·         WearCheck Practical (English / Zulu) ½
·         WearCheck Customised 2
·         Asset Reliability Practitioner (3 courses) 6 months


2022 WearCheck training course dates:

  Oil Analysis 1: Understanding oil and its analysis


Oil Analysis 2: Report interpretation
Course length: Two day workshop One day workshop
Nelspruit April 5, 6 April 7
Port Elisabeth May 24, 25 May 26
Rustenburg May 10, 11 May 12
Kathu June 7, 8 June 9
East London June 21, 22 June 23
Bloemfontein July 19, 20 July 21
Durban August 16, 17 August 18
Johannesburg September 13, 14 September 15
Kathu October 18, 19 October 20
Namibia November 8, 8 November 10


Course Wind Turbine Oil Analysis ( 2 day workshop):


Cape Town 15 – 16 November
East London 25 – 26 October
Port Elisabeth 20 – 21 September

For more details on course content and prices, please view Training at www.wearcheck.co.za.

To book one of the above courses, please contact Michelle van Dyk on training@wearcheck.co.za or call 082 381-3321.


WearCheck has been an accredited training partner for the internationally-acclaimed Mobius Institute since 2015, and all the Mobius courses can be attended online or in person.

2022 WearCheck Mobius courses (public / online):

Course CPD points Apr May Jun July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Vibration Analysis – CAT 1 4   9-13       12-16      
Vibration Analysis – CAT 2 5     13-17       10-14    
Vibration Analysis – CAT 3 5       18-22       21-25  
Precision Balancing (2 days) 11- 2       15-16       12-13
Precision alignment (3 days) 13-15       17-19       14-16


All Mobius courses are presented at various venues throughout Africa, and many of them have an online option. When booking, please confirm date and venue, as some of these details may change due to Covid-19 restrictions.

For more information or to book a Mobius training course, please contact Louis Peacock on +27 82 4949461 or  louisp@wearcheck.co.za.


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