Albert Yuma Mulimbi can be described as the strong man of Gécamines. This untouchable and immovable man has just launched a new introduction into society with the support of other members of the board although it is rumoured the reality is that they had no choice but to endorse the option exercised by Yuma.

Many questions and speculations have sprung up as to the reasons behind this decision. Why was this decision made in haste even though the Prime Minister had banned new set ups in the portfolio companies of the state? Why not wait until the next appointment of the new Director-Chief? Does the decision stem out of political calculations or is it a red herring of a possible criminal investigation that could incriminate him?

After the revocation of the Managing Director of Gécamines by President Joseph Kabila for “serious” violations, the Board of Gecamines had initiated an investigation to shed light on allegations of massive fraud brought to the place of Kalej Nkand.

After investigation, the Board invalidated COO Mbaya Mbaaz, Director of Research and Planning Mbangu Mwangala, Director of Supply and Transport Monga Mwala, Deputy CFO Omer Niati, and Financial Expert Albert Kitenge. However, according to information obtained from judicial sources, no folders previously opened their dependents to justice.

These do not seem to be the only decisions the Board is making with alacrity. The Board has also decided to grant pension benefits to certain directors including Director of Investments Sukadi Diabod, Director Attached to General Management Zongwe Kiluba, and Mbaya Bamwanya who is the Technical Director of Partnerships.

By the standards of the Gécamines framework, officers and especially directors, who have reached retirement age cannot go into retirement despite expressing their willingness. In this case, the Board of Directors took the decision unilaterally.

One is left to wonder why this initiative was implemented. Was it so that there could be abundance of older managers? One may also wonder why then, most have precipitated the departure of Zongwe Kiluba whose expertise is still valuable to the company or Sukadi Diabod who just turned 65.

Meanwhile, Tambwe was appointed Technical Director (the position Director of Operations has been replaced by Technical Director), Tata Ilunga became Director of Research and Planning, Kabondo Umba goes to the Finance Department, Ngoy Kyungu is now Director of Audit internally, Kandolo Mafuta has taken the post of Director of Participations, Kalande Mangaiko became Director of the Centers Profit and Kindingili Ramazani is the new Director of Supplies.

As may be guessed, such measures are supposed to signify an improvement in the efficiency of the management of the company although some questions still reign in societal debates; what was the real reason behind those appointments made in haste?

After the revocation of the Managing Director, the Board did not wait for the appointment of a new CEO by the Head of State prior to a major restructuring. The new Managing Director to be appointed by the Head of State will be faced with a fait accompli with people already confirmed on all positions of responsibility.

Yuma Mulimbi, in naming new heads of the Technical Department, Finance Department, Research and Development and Audit Departments put President Joseph Kabila in a bind and there is a fear that discontentment may arise because the tribal origins of some of the appointees.

Zongwe Kiluba original Tabwa is an integrated personality and has a perfect control of the company. As former Director of Internal Audit and former Director of Equity, he worked for more than six years alongside all the latest Directors General of Gécamines. (Paul Fortin, Mukasa and Kalembwe Kalej Nkand) attached as director. He, therefore, has the knowledge and mastery of all records.

Dr. Mwema Mutamba, former Technical Director of Gécamines is Balubakat origin. So it cannot be pointed out that at because of his tribe he is already redundant to the direction of the company.

However, there is one man in the background that many people have forgotten Nyembo Mutahile, currently Director of Geomines Manono. He was a former Technical Director of Gécamines and Former Advisor to the Minister of Mines. He is originally Hemba, of the same clan as the Chairman of the Board. The game is made. What could be better? The Head of State will therefore not have much trouble fixing this dilemma.

The current Board of Directors of Gécamines met at least once each month throughout the term of Kalej Nkand. Can Yuma Mulimbi then claim that he was not aware of wrongdoing made ​​by its CEO? President Kabila is expected to end the mandate of the entire Board of Directors because it is jointly responsible for the results of the Executive Committee he heads. Some are of the opinion that as “all have sinned, all too should be deprived of the glory.”


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