Kwikspace; Quick, reliable and relocatable solutions to mining communities

Kwikspace Modular Buildings (Kwikspace), provides quick, reliable and relocatable solutions provided to Zambian mining communities.

A leading manufacturer of modular buildings, which has previously completed a number of projects in Zambia, has broadened its operations by opening a branch in Lusaka. Kwikspace’s branch was established to facilitate the workings of the mining industry in the country.

The company which has the largest rental fleet in Sub-Saharan Africa shares it’s Zambian property with Hyundai Heavy Equipment Agents in Lilayi.

International Operations Executive at Kwikspace, Andy Harris, explains that Zambia’s rich mineral resources are some of the country’s most important assets and that it’s mining opportunities are abundant.

Specifically designed for rapid assembly and with capacity for expansion, the modular, prefabricated nature of Kwikspace’s products is ideal for mining communities that are on and off site over short periods of time.

“We find that needs vary from accommodation to ablutions and office space in these communities. We, therefore, provide the possibility of renting temporary and relocatable units that are available quickly, without the need to commit to a purchase,” Harris explains.

High-quality material is used when manufacturing the modular buildings, ensuring their durability. The organisation’s capacity to deliver on large-scale projects ensures an efficient roll-out and quick set up when buildings are required.

To meet an additional set of requirements, Kwikspace is also able to erect buildings using Alternative Building Technologies (ABTs) that provide permanent, effective solutions in a short timeframe.

“We are thrilled to support the ongoing success of the Zambian mining industry and the country’s subsequent economic growth. We believe that the country will progress with increasing success and we are excited to be a part of the journey,” he concludes:


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