Lights On, Economy Up: Zambia and Mozambique Plug Power Gap with Bolstered Partnership

Lusaka, Zambia – In a move that promises to brighten homes and businesses across Zambia, the country has struck a new deal with its neighbor, Mozambique, to import additional electricity. This significant step aims to tackle Zambia’s ongoing power deficit, a hurdle that has hampered economic growth and daily life for many citizens.

The agreement, signed last Thursday by Zambia’s Zesco Limited and Mozambique’s state-owned electricity firm, Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM), represents a significant boost to regional cooperation. “This amended agreement is a testament to the strong partnership between our utilities,” said Victor Mapani, Managing Director of Zesco. “By securing this additional power supply, we are taking a big step towards mitigating the current challenges and ensuring our nation’s critical sectors can remain operational and productive.”

The deal brings the total amount of imported power from Mozambique to 90 megawatts (MW), a 40 MW increase from the previous agreement. This additional electricity is expected to make a noticeable difference, according to experts. “While 40 MW might seem like a small number, it represents a significant injection into the grid, particularly during peak usage times,” said Dr. Jane Mulenga, an energy economist at the University of Zambia. “This will help to stabilize the national power supply and hopefully reduce the frequency and duration of outages.”

The chronic power shortages in Zambia have had a ripple effect throughout the economy. Businesses have struggled to maintain productivity due to frequent power cuts, while households have grappled with the disruption to daily routines. The hope is that the increased power imports will provide some much-needed relief.

“A reliable supply of electricity is the backbone of any thriving economy,” said Lusaka resident, Thandiwe Ng’ombe. “These power cuts have been incredibly frustrating, not just for our homes, but for businesses too. Hopefully, this deal will mean more light and more opportunity for everyone.”

The agreement between Zambia and Mozambique is a positive step towards regional energy security. It remains to be seen if the additional 40 MW will be enough to completely solve Zambia’s power woes, but it is a significant development nonetheless. With continued investment in infrastructure and alternative energy sources, Zambia can look forward to a future where the lights stay on and the economy continues to hum.


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