Mineware’s Syncromine System A Must Have

Celebrating twenty years in the mining and related industries, MineWare Africa has been producing software solutions that improve business and production systems since 1996.

“Everything on one screen,at your finger tips”
MineWare Consulting has a selection of software tailored to the Southern African mining and related industries. All MineWare software suites work together to create a set of interlinked systems, which can all be interfaced on one screen. The most comprehensive of these is the Syncromine system.
Syncromine places all business tools in one easy to find interface. In the case of mines, these tools include production, safety monitoring, bonus calculation, ore accounting and costing software modules.
The production module hosts all production information such as short term planning, daily bookings, tramming and hoisting, as well as fleet planning.
The safety module is linked to the production module, enabling the safety department to schedule audits on planned workplaces as well as ad hoc safety audits on surface workplaces and engineering workplaces. PCC/Safety compliance scores are calculated for every workplace by drawing input from various critical measuring points. This module has a valuable safety checklist, which can be customized to suit any client’s requirement, and greatly enhances safety control over all levels of an operation.
The bonus calculation system can be fully customized to set up bonus schemes to benefit the mine or workplace. The system integrates with the human resources department as well as the time and attendance and systems, enabling managers to keep control of staff resources and maximize productivity.
The ore accounting module connects to Scada systems, logging all belt readings and flow meters, enabling accurate and real-time monitoring of process. Should the plant not have the requisite monitoring equipment, data can be captured manually. The costing module allows the capability to setup a standards and norms from which planned mining activities can be measured against money spend, affecting the bottom line in real time. Syncromine brings all these sectors together, showing the data on one screen, offering verifiable information in a secure, accessible and affordable way.
Syncromine is currently active at Sibanye Gold, Sibanye Platinum and Goldfields mines, where it is used for short interval control. Placing all this functionality under one system, allows these mines to spot problems or trends, make better management and production decisions, thereby giving them a competitive edge.
All MineWare software is developed in consultation with the client, and includes a period of training and trouble-shooting. More information online at www.mineware.co.za.

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Dashboard Sample Blasting

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