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I have learnt that ZCCM-IH has decided to dissolve Ndola Lime and form a New Company out of the assets called Limestone Resources. Ndola Lime was practically insolvent; it had liabilities of more than K1bn (accumulated over the last 8 years). This is a company at its best was bringing …

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As the mining firm commits to ensuring its operations continue so in an environmentally responsible manner First Quantum Minerals has continued to call for recognition of effective environmental management programmes for mining operations, which should strive for the protection of the ecosystem, add value to local biodiversity and safeguard Zambia’s …

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Kachiwala Sapalo: Integrating sound environmental management practices into mining

Integrating sound environmental, safety and social management practices into mining operations is a huge challenge for the industry, but Kachiwala Sapalo, the new environmental manager at First Quantum Minerals Kalumbila Minerals subsidiary, is determined to help leave a legacy of meaningful environmental and social performance at the mine, which is …

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KCM now receiving direct power from Zesco

Senior Manager-Corporate Affairs of Zambia’s utility power company, ZESCO,Dr John Kunda has confirmed that the firm has started the supply of power to Konkola Copper Mine on negotiated commercial terms effective 1st June, 2020. By implication, this confirmation from Zesco means that the Copperbelt Energy Corporation – CEC statement released …

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From Kalomo to the World: The story of Sindowe and Copperbelt Energy Corporation (CEC)

Hanson Sindowe is the last person you would expect to be one of Zambia’s richest; he grew up the son of a policeman in a family of farmers in the village of Kalomo, 120 kilometres north of Livingstone. It’s a place thousands of kilometres from where he made his fortune …

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How successful are mines’ efforts to restore livelihoods?

Restoring the livelihoods of households affected by resettlement is fraught with challenges, so it is vital that mines begin the process early and carefully monitor to see what is working and what is not. According to SRK Consulting, it is only quite recently that livelihood restoration has become a focus …

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