Permit accorded to Conquest Mining

The Ministry of Mines has awarded Conquest Mining Contractors the mineral trading permit for business undertakings in various minerals.


In a media briefing, Conquest Mining Managing Director Kunda Chani made mention that time for complaints and talk is over but to get involved in the industry.


Kunda is urging all Zambians to embrace the enabling environment created by government and venture in either large scale mining or mineral trading seeming that it is affordable.


“Most Zambians hardly know that to acquire a Mineral Trading permit is affordable and only pegged at K2, 100 while large scale mining is K3, 000 with validity of three years. We should stop complaining and join hands in order to benefit from our minerals. We can do this either as a group or as individuals,” said Kunda.


Kunda further stated that Conquest Mining is a 100 per cent Zambian owned company based in Kitwe and is currently conducting the Environmental Project Brief (EPB) in areas of interest to hasten progress.


Conquest Mining is expected to trade in gold, silver, Platinum, Copper, Cobalt, Manganese, Iron, Lead, Zinc, Aluminium, Nickel, Tin, Chrome, Titanium, Tantalite and Tungsten.



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