‘Pump and Abrasion Technologies (PAT) Comes Home to Zambia’

The evolution of real time in industry including mining has brought with it a variety of technologies that discerning consumers need to evaluate and ensure maximum utilization of various equipment and make real returns on investment.

Among the top equipment currently on the market within and outside South Africa is the Battlemax pump that recently entered the Zambian market to meet the demands in various industries including mining which uses a wide range of slurry pumps.

South Africa-based slurry pump specialist Pump and Abrasion Technologies (PAT), in its quest to remain a market leader, last November entered the Zambian market with its renowned Battlemax pump range.

The product was launched in November 2013 in Zambia and was done through an exclusive partnership with pump solutions company Tri-Pump. It is good on lead time.

Accordingly, this product was the largest market rollout ever attempted by the Battlemax brand outside South Africa as the company seeks new market frontiers in its quest to remain a market leader.

“One of the challenges we faced when we entered the Zambian market was that Battlemax was still a new brand name among Zambian locals,” PAT head of sales and marketing James Pienaar told Mining Weekly recently.

The Zambian community is comfortable using familiar suppliers. However, owing to the partnership with Tri-Pump a credible company operational in Zambia for the last 19 years, the market is very open towards Battlemax and is willing to implement our product immediately, Pienaar noted.

The company has confidence in the Zambian market with trust that Tri-Pump is to supply it with a good product, noting that “Previous Battlemax users who are working in the Zambian mining industry were elated and are looking forward to the same quality and service that they were used to,” says Pienaar.

Also, the company recognises the need for skills development in the Zambian mining pumps industry and it is seeking to ensure that the locals are trained and the transfer of skills takes place to facilitate the in-country promotion and selling of the product to continue.

Battlemax has been used in several mines in African countries such as South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Tanzania, according to data.

“Most recently, the company has supplied pumps to coal filtration service provider Enprotec for the new flotation and filtration plant at Chirodzi coal mine, in Mozambique,” Pienaar further told Mining Weekly.

The launch of the Battlemax equipment in Zambia is a milestone for the country and its mining industry as the venture includes the combined expertise and alignment of two companies that understand Africa’s mining industry well. Battlemax has been distributed to other countries in Africa and PAT is well aware of the needs of the African mining market.

Accordingly, Tri-Pump is present in Ghana, Tanzania and the DRC, with a head office in Kitwe on the copperbelt. The presence of the Zambian office, according to Pienaar will ensure a swift and efficient roll-out of top-quality products with all the necessary client services in place, ready to service the Zambian market.

Tri-Pump is however, optimistic about the future of Battlemax in Zambia as the company has the capability and capacity to ensure the roll-out is successful in the long term. “We believe that the product has a bright and sustainable future in Zambia, as does our partnership with PAT,” Tri-Pump Managing Director Larry Mapani told Mining Weekly recently.

Given to specifications, Battlemax Pumps are designed for heavy-duty slurry applications and boast a long life span and efficient operation, which is supported by maintenance services, resulting in a lower total cost of operation.

In Zambia, the product has worked well with the partnership created with Tri-Pump, adds Pienaar. “When it comes to marketing the Battlemax pumps in Zambia, we feel that we can rest easy, as our product is in safe hands. We chose Tri-Pump because it is credible, experienced and well entrenched in the market. Our choice in partner shows that we are here to stay,” he adds.

Background-Pump and Abrasion Technologies

PAT has developed a range of products including Battlemax and Battlestream for the mining and industrial pump markets, offering after- market pump spares at competitive prices with a high level of service excellence.The service provision includes the supply of complete pump sets, an electric motor, accessories and technical support. 

PAT is an ISO 9001-accredited and TUV Rheinland-accredited Company, according to data availed to Zambian Mining Magazine. 

It is the company’s desire that its export division, which has already broken new market grounds, will continue to expand its reach in Africa. “Our expansive factories in China and in Centurion- South Africa, comprise 20 000 m2 of foundry, machine shop, repair and assembly workshops, as well as warehousing,” Pienaar adds. 

In additions, PAT offers pumps made of natural and synthetic rubbers, polyurethane, ceramics, and stainless steel and chrome alloys. However, the biggest potential for growth lies in cost-effective maintenance of the PAT machinery and equipment which is achieved through witnessing any problems that a client may experience first-hand on a daily basis.

Being involved in the maintenance process ensures that the company uses the correct materials and that the pump is correctly assembled for efficient performance, Pienaar notes. 

Whilst the quality of the Battlemax pump range is important, it is also cost efficient and that; “These factors ensure long-standing relationships with clients.” It is Battlemax’s plan to be an internationally renowned brand in the industry as PAT aims to expand into Africa through partnerships and to branch out into countries that will ensure shorter lead times on site assistance, according to Pienaar.


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