Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology believe that as a responsible and engaged global corporate citizen, it is critically important to contribute to and have a positive influence in the communities where they are active.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic poses unique challenges to communities, which is why Sandvik in Zambia have opted to work together with the Zambian authorities to fight the ongoing pandemic.

Known for their ongoing community development and support, Sandvik is an active member of the Kitwe Community.

Daniel Banister, Vice President Sales for Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology Central Africa says “Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives can be harsh when limited to legal requirements but when a company is truly committed to the community they operate in and see the positive benefits thereof, they become an integral part of the community. Their role becomes vital and responsive to the needs of the people they serve. We believe that being active members in our community is our responsibility and our long term success is tied to the development of a healthy and thriving community.”

The world has been affected by the rapid spread of COVID-19 and the challenges posed by the virus are unprecedented requiring extraordinary intervention from both the public and private sectors.

Taking proactive steps in preparation for cases, Sandvik in Zambia has partnered with the Kitwe Major’s office to raise awareness and establish an effective response to the pandemic.

Public health is mandated to the Major’s office to ensure that high standards are observed.

To assist local authorities in raising awareness and educating the community about the pandemic, Sandvik has donated health care material and protective gear listed as requirements from the Mayor’s office.

These include disinfecting equipment such as Hudson and hand spraying pumps to assist in disinfecting local markets before traders commerce their day to day actives, vehicle radio systems to raise awareness in the local community, disinfectants, water tanks, white lab coats, gloves, mutton clothes, heavy-duty gloves, mouth masks and gumboots.

“We hope this contribution will have a positive impact for our community and assist in flattening the curve for the country,” Banister concludes.


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