South African Concargo makes “headways” into Africa

Mining and Construction

Economic globalisation has resulted in an increasingly high demand for mined resources such as copper, coal and other precious metals. With the increase in mining, pressure from the public over ecological issues and meeting environmental codes has become a priority. Radical changes have been made in the extraction and reclamation of land in many parts of the world, and as a result of these changes, investment in new technologies, equipment and infrastructure has increased. Concargo’s ability to partner with these mining houses and mining companies helps to provide the necessary transportation and expertise to keep operations running smoothly and more efficiently than ever before. From cleaner burning earth moving equipment, to water purification and treatment plants, Concargo’s logistics and smoothly executed plans set us apart from the competition. Concargo is involved from grassroots level, during pre-feasability and feasability stage until the project is bankable and active implementation commences. As these products and material are sourced from many parts of the world, Concargo is repeatedly able to demonstrate our commitment and reliability to this industry.

“The Secret to Succeed is to know more than the others…..”

Concargo has been operating for a “Quarter of a Century” 27 Years to be exact, of slow but consistent growth, preferring to remain focused on high value cargo and not perpetuate growth through high volumes of traffic associated with low value commodities. Whilst we are a Non Asset based business, we followed the lead of SAB in the late eighties and opted for the “Dedicated Owner Driver” and “Quality Sub-Contractor” route, sweating the asset.

Concargo’s current road freight network offers a direct link from all Ports in South Africa to Angola, Botswana, Congo and Southern Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Concargo is able to facilitate inter regional transport between countries on the rest of the continent through its extensive Agents network. Concargo is not a Forwarding company and has remained a neutral supplier of “Surface Terrestrial Road Haulage Services” to the Clearing and Forwarding industry. Concargo has established a strategic partner network throughout the African continent and is able to offer an On carriage service from all main Sea ports to the central landlocked countries whilst referring turnkey business to our Clearing and Forwarding strategic partners.

There needs to be an improvement in basic infrastructure and services in Africa. The lack of infrastructure in Africa has resulted in transport costs being amongst the highest globally, in most cases it cost more to deliver a load from the port of arrival to its neighbouring land locked country then it does to ship the load from anywhere in the world to that port. A simplification of documentary processes, the eradication of complicated bureaucratic processes, the harmonization of standards and a reduction of border delays will go a long way in reducing transport costs. There needs to be an ongoing drive to foster total regional economic integration in Africa. An imbalance in Inter regional trade between the different countries due to the lack of manufacturing and production facilities also impacts negatively on transport costs. Concargo is the Southern African representative of a number of Global Project Forwarding consortiums’ and Freight Forwarding networks.


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