Vertiv launches mid-size UPS system for critical applications

Vertiv, a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, today introduces Vertiv™ Liebert® EXM2, a three-phase monolithic uninterruptible power supply (UPS) providing double conversion efficiency up to 97 percent, which further increases up to 98.8 percent with the dynamic online mode.

With power capacity ranging from 100 to 250 kVA and a compact and flexible footprint, the system is designed for a wide range of applications, including metros and railways, healthcare, light industrial, commercial offices and medium size data centers. It is currently available in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and select countries in Asia Pacific and India.

Liebert EXM2 delivers technological advancements that enhance efficiency and reliability, such as intelligent paralleling and three machine-learning-based modes of operation which cut operating costs and keep energy dissipation to a minimum.

Vertiv’s proven dynamic on-line mode delivers up to 98.8 percent efficiency whilst ensuring fast transfer output performance and reliability. Moreover, the internal modular fault tolerant design allows for safe, easy and fast installation and service, reducing mean time to repair (MTTR) and maximizing availability.

The latest innovations provide industry-leading efficiency and thus energy savings, significantly reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) and allowing quick return on investment (ROI). Liebert EXM2 is compatible with lithium-ion batteries (LIB) and tolerates high temperatures up to 50°C, which minimizes cooling needs and overall energy consumption.

Liebert EXM2 offers advanced monitoring, management and diagnostic capabilities through a 9-inch touchscreen panel that enables flexible views and multiple security options. The intelligent controls and communications are compatible with Vertiv™ LIFE™ Services, Liebert® Nform, SiteScan® and the Trellis™ platform infrastructure monitoring software, as well as third-party battery management systems (BMS) and data center infrastructure management (DCIM) systems.

Liebert EXM2 replaces the flagship Liebert® EXM and Liebert® NXC models, which have been widely recognized as highly performing UPS systems, supporting thousands of sites and about 1.7 GW of mission-critical loads across the globe. This latest product innovation addresses the growing need of highly reliable and efficient UPS for mid-size applications that enable low latency connection between cloud and edge sites.

“The Liebert EXM2 derives its evolution from our industry-leading series of UPS systems, taking one step further in increasing energy savings and bringing latest technologies to our customers,” says Kyle Keeper, vice president of global AC power for Vertiv.

“Our growing investment in research and development means that our engineering teams are continuously innovating our portfolio to deliver state-of-the-art solutions.”

“With its advanced digital technology and optimized fault tolerant design, the Liebert EXM2 combines reliability, efficiency, flexibility and intelligence that ensure optimal performance to power a range of critical loads while saving on space and operating costs,” says Andrea Ferro, AC Power director for Vertiv in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

“The system can be installed in various configurations – in row, room and even against the wall or in a corner – and allows customers to select the best solution amongst a wide range of available configurations and options.”


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