High-pressure water mist fire fighting benefits

Fires are unpredictable and can spontaneously combust and start anywhere at any time, with disastrous consequences.

Imagine being stranded on a ship, in the middle of the ocean and a fire spontaneously occurs. The fire brigade would be out of reach and your only saving grace might be to jump ship.  Or picture a fire at a museum. Conventional firefighting methods would ruin priceless artifacts if the fire does not destroy it first.

The above are just two scenarios that place a great demand on safe, efficient, and immediate activated firefighting solutions.

High-pressure water mist firefighting systems have become the ever-increasing safe choice, firefighting solution, which provides better fire suppression whilst ensuring increased protection of assets, by minimizing potential water damage as significantly less water is used to extinguish an incident.

By applying high-pressure firefighting systems water is forced through micro nozzles at very high pressure to create a water mist that effectively combats fire.

The high-pressure extinguishing gives maximum protection by cooling through heat absorption and dousing the fire when the water expands through evaporation.

The Danfoss PAH pumps are ideal for high-pressure water mist systems with a flow capacity up to 187 l/min (49.4 gpm). The pumps are designed for tap water at pressures up to 160 barg (2,321 psig). The pumps can be used with high-pressure components, valves, nozzles, etc. from the Danfoss product portfolio to form part of a solution with high reliability and long service life.

Did you know that with the right technology, fires could be effectively extinguished, using 90 percent less water? Danfoss water mist technology reduces water consumption by up to 90 percent, compared to traditional firefighting systems.

Danfoss has its core in engineering for tomorrow. With this in mind, Danfoss will be hosting virtual webinars where the advantages of high-pressure water mist will be demonstrated. The webinars are geared at knowledge sharing around the concept of how high-pressure pumps and valves power these efficient and important firefighting systems. Danfoss experts will explain and highlight high pressure pumps and valves that enable this water saving technology and share case studies where this technology has solved some of the most challenging firefighting cases, such as small spaces with the highest need for reliability.

*Lynne McCarthy is the Marketing and Communications Specialist at Danfoss Turkey, Middle East & Africa.


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