Zambia’s technical power losses high at 14%; ZESCO and ERB urged to invest in technology that will minimize grid leakages

Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation – ZESCO and Energy Regulation Board – ERB have been urged to invest in technology that will curb technical losses on the power grid. Zambia records technical losses of 14% against the acceptable threshold of 5%, Uni-power Company Trainer said.

“Energy losses in Zambia are very high. Zambia loses over 13% of power generated through commercial and technical losses. Commercial losses can be attributed to illegal connections,” Mr Adolfson told a workshop at Kafue Gorge Regional Training Centre.

He said the country needs to focus on reducing power losses in order to overcome the power deficit and attract more investments in energy. Industrial and domestic customers install equipment with no mitigation equipment causing overloads to the grid which affect the generator performance. Uni-power is a company that focuses in power quality and optimization efficiency to minimize power losses. Adolfson said power could be saved in the grid without building more power generators, adding that Zambia has a lot of energy.


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