CEC warns of growing power demands

Zambia’s growing has triggered an increase in demand for resources such as energy, CEC has announced.

Silvester Hibajene, CEC’s Head of Government and Investor Relations said that Southern Africa would require at least 65,000MW of available installed power generation capacity by 2022 to power industry.

He further said with an estimated population of 17 million people, Zambia would require at least 8,000MW to meet its population’s energy needs.

Hibajene said the challenge will require new and alternative sources of energy, calling on engineers’ innovation to keep the cost of energy low.

“Efficient energy use in production processes such as mineral extraction would also be cardinal; and all the while accommodating other human needs,” said Hibajene.

Hibajene emphasised that to lower the cost of energy, there was need to attract more investments into the sector and that for the sector to remain attractive to both local and foreign direct investment.

He said the tariff structure must be predictable and guarantee the investor a predictable return on their investment. He also pointed out the need for consumers to use energy in an efficient manner to avoid waste.

“My organisation (CEC) is currently working with the regulator and all stakeholders in developing frameworks that will compel consumers across the country to consume power in a responsible and efficient manner as prescribed by the national grid code,”  said Hibajene.

Meanwhile CEC has urged engineers to rise to the challenge and provide practical solutions to infrastructural challenges that the country is faced with to bring about meaningful social and economic transformation.

Hibajene said to address engineer’s skills gap, stakeholders should ensure engineering syllabs in Zambia remained competitive and relevant to the very rapidly changing technology and engineering needs.


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