EITI finds Gold deposits in North-Western province

A team of Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative of Zambia (EITI) recently discovered Gold deposits in Mwinilunga district in the North-Western province of Zambia.


EITI team called on the Deputy Permanent Secretary of the province Douglas Ngimbu in Solwezi to disclose these findings.


Ngimbu says the discovery of this native element mineral is of an economic importance as it will aid in the fortunes on the nation.


“Transparency and accountability in the mining sector is important because it helps people to track down the benefits accrued from the mines,”Ngimbu further stated.


Furthermore, EITI Board Vice Chairperson Edward Lange said EITI wants to promote transparency and accountability in the mining sector therefore, the public should be able to know what the mines are contributing to the communities surrounding them as well as the economy.


Meanwhile, Talent Ngandwe who is Zambia Chamber of mines deputy Chief Executive Officer and also EITI board member said EITI has been a success in Zambia.


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