FQM consolidates its Kansanshi mining operations

First Quantum Minerals (FQM) has announced intentions to consolidate the company’s road and earthworks division, mining divisions and related supporting services currently carried out by First Quantum Mining Operations Limited (FQMO) with the operations at Kansanshi Mining Plc (KMP).

FQMO was the original First Quantum Minerals corporate entity in Zambia which operated the Bwana Mkubwa mine. Following the expansion of the First Quantum operations in Zambia, with both the Kansanshi and Sentinel mines, FQMO evolved to house a wide range of business functions to support these operations including mining, road and earthworks, exploration, corporate services, CSR, community health and other services.

“We remain highly optimistic about the prospects and outlook for the mining industry in Zambia, and our unwavering commitment to Kansanshi is demonstrated through our substantial investments in the S3 project, smelter upgrade, mine fleet enhancement and other strategic initiatives totaling over USD 1billion over the next two years.

“Consolidating our mining operations at Kansanshi will enable us to better support the roll-out of these projects,” said Rudi Badenhorst, FQM Chief Operating Officer.

The purpose of this consolidation is to re-organise the First Quantum Zambia business operations in a more logical and efficient way by housing all units that solely service Kansanshi under one roof.

FQMO will now focus on providing corporate and other services to all FQM Group companies.


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