Interview Questions for Jeanette Van Wyk – CARL HAMM

  1. Please give us a brief background about your role and your organisation’s journey thus far in Africa.

Our parent company in Germany, Röhrenwerk Kupferdreh Carl Hamm GmbH is a 4th Generation family-run business – Carl Hamm PPS in South Africa was established in 2016 to service SADC member countries . Carl Hamm PPS had a steady growth Pattern which is ever increasing the more succesful completed projects we have.


Jeanette can Wyk – the Project Manager for Carl Hamm PPS – handles the projects – Start to Finish – from the initial design to quoting process, ordering phase, execution and finally the closing of the project. CHPPS’s turnkey solution adds the convenience of a one-stop shop for dewatering systems to the customer. Its complete turnkey solution (from pump to discharge) is the main scope of supply, which includes but is not limited to electrical switchgear, variable speed drives, system integration, e-house solutions and all the required horizontal piping and valves.


  1. How has doing business in the mining sector been in southern Africa and what is affecting your company’s growth or financial performance?

The company’s reach into Southern Africa, South Africa especially – has grown exponentially.

  1. What is your organisation’s value proposition to the Zambian mining industry?

CHPPS is cognisant of the ever-shifting client preferences. That is why through constant innovation, the company keeps up with contemporary technological trends in mining – specifically dewatering. It is continuously adding new supportive products from its industry partners and concentrates on those products that support and complement its scope of supply.


  1. How is your organisation responding to Covid-19 pandemic effects on the sector and what are key focus areas?

Our company sells products for physically carrying media and as such site visitations were limited. We maintained our Essential service team throughout. We geared our staff with equipment to effectively work remotely. However, we were uncompromising in our marketing efforts, which we believe had a huge impact on us growing in stature in the years that followed.

  1. Are there any ongoing projects or mitigating actions ongoing to help in resuscitating the industry?

Wherever we are, we are assisting in the Growth of the industry and this helps our economy.

  1. Please share some of the challenges you have encountered, or milestones achieved since launching your organisation in this region.

Our ZSM Connection System is a modern way of doing installations with pipes, with much less effort and much smaller installation teams needed, wheras the old way included flanges, welding, and much bigger installation teams on site, etc.  As such, a lot of the challenges we have experienced so far are rooted in the fear of change – people are stuck in the old ways of doing things and many still employ a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality.

One of our milestones was convincing clients of how our system could fit into Raise Bore holes that do not have space for staff.  South African orders  assisted with showcasing us to the Southern African market.

  1. Seeing how your company is focused on the use of advanced technology in terms of providing pipe engineering solutions and expertise, how has this eased way of doing business in the industry?

It hasn’t really eased doing business in the industry, as it is still largely saturated with the older generation and they want to do things how they have always been done. With the younger generation of engineers coming into the industry, the challenge of lowering project costs without losing efficiency,  thinking outside the box, and stepping outside the norms is a reality.

  1. Do you have strategies or partnerships with stakeholders that aim to achieve ESG and inclusion for all?

We do turnkey solutions – amd as such interact closely with consulting Engineers and End user who strive for same goals of achivement.

  1. What is the outlook of the Southern African mining landscape? Are there any expansion plans in rolling out your products or services?

There are continuously projects we are working on which are driven by Global demand in the Southern African Mining industry. We will also be at the DRC Mining Week exhibition in June this year.

  1. Has your company worked or exposed African youth to go for training or exchange programmes to widen their expertise?


  1. Going into 2023, what can people expect from Carl Hamm? 

CHPSS’s enviable track record reflects the confidence that clientele have in its turnkey solutions. True to form, currently, the company is in the process of completing three large 400 m Free hanging High-pressure pipelines for dewatering systems i.e. 2 x 450 and DN600 ZSM system .

Carl Hamm PPS urges with mining companies as they are increasing production, to engage it for their respective dewatering requirements in 2023 and beyond. “We have built a reputation for competence, experience, innovative thinking, modern production and motivated employees. Clients benefit from a strong partner who offers extensive expertise to meet specific requirements from conceptual planning through professional production to on-time delivery,” the team say.

With a forward-thinking mindset, the company is aiming at exceeding customer expectations in 2023. Consequently, in pursuit of this objective, the company’s team clarifies that it won’t alter the winning formula, but it will strive to keep pace with evolving needs in the area of service excellence.

For more information on the products and services that Carl Hamm PPS provides, contact Demond Enslin on +27 83 556 4642 or send an e-mail to

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