KCM Secures $27m for annual Smelter Shutdown

Konkola Copper Mines Plc (KCM) has secured financing to conduct the annual shutdown of the Nchanga smelter, which periodically requires an upgrade of infrastructure to improve efficiency and production. The bi-annual smelter shutdown scheduled to also take place between July and August for 45 days is meant to prolong the life of the asset.

KCM Provisional Liquidator Celine Nair said the mine will spend 27.63-million dollars on works that comprise the control system upgrade, replacement of units on the gas stream and the refurbishment of the 1,850 tonnes per day acid plant.

She explained that the shutdown works will benefit the smelter operations as it will enhance operational efficiency and production, which will then translate into increased revenue for KCM and its subsidiary, the KCM SmelterCo Limited.

Nair further stated that additional benefits will be a reduction in maintenance cost as the plant and equipment would have been refurbished to equally prolong the life of the mine.

Moreover, she noted that KCM’s priority was to ensure the integrity of the asset was enhanced in order to sustain jobs while the government was seeking to find a permanent solution.

By: Anthony Dube


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