Pix4D is at InterGeo to showcase terrestrial RTK scanning solutions, new licenses and promotions

Pix4D, the market leader in photogrammetry solutions, is attending the Intergeo 2021 conference to share its latest news and technological developments. This includes live demos of its terrestrial data collection hardware and software solution of PIX4Dcatch and the viDoc RTK rover for iPhone Pro and iPad Pro, as well as the newest updates for geospatial power products PIX4Dmatic and PIX4Dsurvey, and information about their own upcoming User Conference in October.

Coinciding with Intergeo is Pix4D’s launch of PIX4Dmatic 1.19 and PIX4Dsurvey 1.18. Both of these products are strengthening Pix4D’s geospatial portfolio as they have received significant development and investment since their unveiling. Now they can process LiDAR and photogrammetry datasets in the same project, getting the best of both forms of data collection. In addition, PIX4Dsurvey now includes volume measurements in its workflow, adding to its utility in working with vectorizing and generating a TIN of projects to prepare them for CAD. Both of these updates are being launched with a novel perpetual license scheme along with the existing subscriptions, as well as pricing adjustments and promotional discounts for the rest of 2021 to celebrate their impact.

“We are excited to attend Intergeo and see other geospatial professionals and specialists as we share our experiences and ideas,” says Pix4D CEO and co-founder Christoph Strecha. “We’ll also be providing live demos of the viDoc RTK rover to show users how they can get professional results with Pix4D software and a consumer mobile device – an iPhone or iPad. It’s exciting to be able to interact in person in a safe environment.”

As Pix4D celebrated its 10 year anniversary this year, the Intergeo event is a great opportunity for Pix4D to highlight what a decade of experience brings, and what functionalities the latest photogrammetry software can achieve. With sales representatives on hand, the Pix4D team will be presenting to, sharing with, and hearing from experts from all across the industry, and spreading the word about the upcoming Pix4D User Conference in October.


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