Sentinel Mine launches waste management handbook

First Quantum Minerals (FQM) has issued guidelines aligning its mining operations and surrounding communities with government’s clean and healthy campaign.

Kalumbila Minerals the mining company’s subsidiary which operates the Sentinel Mine in North-Western Province, has launched a Waste Management Handbook to improve environmental management awareness.

The handbook aims to facilitate an environmentally sound waste management approach at the mine by providing the key information required for managing different types of waste.

“The objectives of the handbook is to promote continual improvement and maintain a culture of good housekeeping within the mine area, facilitate effective waste segregation at generation points, storage, transportation and disposal, as well as enhance awareness and reaffirm the management position regarding environmental management,” said Kalumbila Minerals General Manager Morris Rowe.

He said that effective environmental management is one of the mining firm’s corporate priorities, and part of its conservation efforts to leave a positive legacy.

A systematic approach to waste management saves time in the long-run, said Rowe, who urged management and staff to ensure their workplaces were clean and organised on a daily basis.

Those joining the mine must also have the same attitude and conviction, so as to enable the company to maintain its good housekeeping reputation, he added, saying the company remained committed to helping host communities and the local government in enhancing biodiversity protection, preventing the destruction of habitats neighbouring its mining activities and offering sustainable alternatives to the depletion of natural resources.

FQM’s obligation to preserving the environment does not end at the boundaries of its mining operations. In addition to its area of direct environmental impact, there is the broader ecosystem to consider, along with aspects of sustainability that may extend across an entire region.

The firm encourages other companies to take ownership and be stewards of environmental conservation near their operations so that collectively they can assist the government to make a large-scale and meaningful difference.

The company ensures that all its subsidiaries and projects operate in a manner to protect the long-term wellbeing of the communities where it operates in an environmentally sound manner.

And this is achieved by monitoring of relevant environmental parameters to enable early detection of deviations from the environmental management system, as well as working with suppliers and contractors through development of contractual obligations to address indirect impacts associated with the company’s operations.


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