Shared value, ESG integration can elevate Africa

As new business trends emerge, the 2024 Africa Shared Value and ESG Summit is set to transform the African business landscape.

Organisers said the summit is a partnership between the Africa Shared Value Leadership Summit and the ESG Africa Conference.

Scheduled for 24 to 25 October in Nairobi, Kenya, the summit aims to highlight the integration of Shared Value principles with ESG initiatives, fostering economic transformation in Africa.

“When Shared Value meets ESG, companies don’t just succeed; they lead a global movement towards positive change,” said Tiekie Barnard, Chief Executive Officer of Shift Impact Africa and the Shared Value Africa Initiative.

“This collaboration signifies the heartbeat of our mission.”

The leaders from across the continent will convene to discuss strategies for sustainable economic growth, climate action, inclusive health, gender equality, and leveraging technology for societal betterment.

These discussions are aligned with the “Africa We Want” vision of Agenda 2063.

“We at ESG Africa Conference are thrilled to partner with Shift Impact Africa and the Shared Value Africa initiative, growing awareness and capacity on sustainability, ESG, and shared value across the continent,” said Wendy Poulton Director and Founder of ESG Africa Conference.

According to the organisers the summit is a beacon of hope, highlighting how Shared Value and ESG integration can elevate Africa.

“It offers a dynamic platform for learning, sharing, and collaboration, where businesses can demonstrate their ESG impact through tangible value delivered to all stakeholders.”


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