Wacker Neuson rollers fulfill customer’s soil, asphalt compaction

From the renowned RD series to the RTx trench roller and large RC soil compactor range, Wacker Neuson’s range of high-quality rollers typify the company’s brand promise – all it takes! Available to several markets within Sub-Sahara Africa, these rugged, versatile rollers incorporate an ergonomic design, innovative features, and cutting-edge technology that address efficiency, productivity, and operator safety and comfort.

Available in diesel and petrol versions, the dual-vibration RD7 and double-drum vibratory RD10 walk-behind rollers are synonymous with excellent performance in both soil and asphalt compaction. The duel on/off frequency vibration selector that provides two vibration stages makes the RD7 and RD10 particular favourites.

The ergonomically-arranged operator control elements are conveniently located directly on the guide handle giving the operator complete control of the machine at all times from his operating position without the need to move around the machine, enhancing safety and boosting productivity. Easy, tool-free access to all service points makes these rollers a simple and economical solution for every construction site.

Wacker Neuson Sales Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa, Stefan le Roux, highlights the positive evolution of the RD7 in the African market.

“After relocating manufacturing from Germany to the USA and undergoing a successful redesign, we recognized the need for further adaptation to the African market. Committed to our customer-centric approach, we introduced a proactive buy-back program. In 2021, we proudly presented the redesigned RD7 from Germany, earning the trust of our customers who had previously embraced the first-generation RD7. This strategic move resulted in remarkable market growth, and today, the RD7 holds a prominent position within the top two brackets in the South African market.”

Wacker Neuson aspires to establish a strong presence in the African market with the new RD10, too. The recent introduction of this machine by Wacker Neuson South Africa addresses a large gap in the African market for a 750mm drum roller.

“To ensure that the machine we bring to South African shores aligns with our customers’ preferences and meets market demands, we hosted an event in Q2 2023 where we listened to the feedback from our customers and valued dealer partners,” said John Ramshaw, Wacker Neuson South Africa’s Key Account Manager: Agriculture.

“We communicated our vision to the production factory, emphasizing the need for a machine that not only aligns with our customers’ specifications but also addresses the unique conditions in Africa. The factory responded with a roller developed uniquely for Africa, the RD10.”

Based on the same design as the RD7, the new RD10 boasts a few additional features.

“We kept the best features while incorporating enhancements to deliver an optimal solution for our customers,” said Ramshaw.

The RD7 and RD10 share the same applications i.e. road construction, civils, and cricket pitches. However, the RD10 is particularly suited for users who prefer a heavier roller and a wider drum. The 750mm drum of the one-ton RD10 covers a broader area, accelerating the work rate and increasing productivity. Despite the wider drum, the machine features a compact design for easy operator manoeuvrability. The fully hydrostatic roller operates without a gearbox or chains, resulting in fewer components, reduced wear and tear, and ultimately lower operating expenses (OPEX).

With the introduction of new RD12 and RD27 tandem models, Wacker Neuson brings regular updates and improvements to their tandem ride-on roller range. The RD12 vibratory roller features a dual drum drive: a front vibrating drum and rear static drum deliver efficient compaction results in a compact package.

Ideally suited for commercial and residential compaction of asphalt and granular subbase material, the RD12 is used for turf rolling in the landscape and golf industry segments as well as for applications in areas such as parking lots, driveways, secondary roads, and nature trails. Articulated steering ensures excellent manoeuverability.

The newly upgraded Wacker Neuson RTxSC3 trench roller, suitable for general trench work, is fast gaining popularity with rental customers. The machine’s drum width can be adjusted from the standard 820mm to a narrower 560mm, making it suitable for working in narrower trenches. This essentially means that only one machine is required to carry out two jobs making the RT trench roller ideal for the construction sector. The trench roller also features smart infrared remote control technology for efficient, safe, line-of-site operation. Ramshaw explains that the machine will automatically cease operation if the beam between the machine and the controller is disrupted, or if the operator approaches within 2m of the unit. “Outside operation of the machine inside the trench keep operators safe,” he adds.

Moreover, the upgraded trench roller comes with a soil compaction level and an overload indicator. The Compatec system increases productivity on the job site as the operator can work at optimal efficiency, as the degree of compaction of the ground is visible at all times. The progress of soil compaction as well as its maximum level is displayed. Upon reaching maximum compaction the operator is alerted thereby preventing potential damage to the unit.

Wacker Neuson continually seeks to support customers in improving their bottom line by developing highly efficient, reliable machines and equipment. Key to this is the incorporation of the latest, most advanced technologies into their products. This includes the soon-to-be-introduced EquipTrack. Via a Bluetooth module, this new digital solution seamlessly records operating data which can be viewed and analyzed using the EquipTrack app. “With the ability to track machine operating hours, we believe EquipTrack, which can be retrofitted on all our rollers, will be extremely popular with our rental customers,” notes Le Roux. Mixed reality Smart Glasses, introduced by Wacker Neuson to the South African market in 2022, offer swift and precise support by allowing service technicians to connect with experts remotely.

“Regardless of a machine’s quality, proper operation and effective maintenance practices are essential for achieving optimal machine performance, efficiency, and reliability,” stresses Ramshaw.

“This is where training plays a crucial role. The Academy at our company headquarters in Johannesburg, Gauteng, is testimony to our commitment to offering professional technical and sales training on all products to our customers and dealer partners ensuring that they are up to speed with our latest innovations and technologies. Equally important is the training of our personnel; knowing the machine inside out enables us to provide our customers with optimum solutions.”

Wacker Neuson South Africa further supports customers and dealer partners with exemplary service and after-market support across Sub-Saharan Africa. “With a fill rate of over 80%, we can get products, parts, and spares out to the market, paying respect to that all-important uptime,” notes Le Roux.

Le Roux said customers can look forward to a new range of large RC119 and RC208 compactors from Wacker Neuson which will be rolled out during 2024.

‘With an extensive roller collection, bolstered by state-of-the-art technology, exceptional training, and outstanding service and aftersales support, Wacker Neuson embodies the commitment of having ‘all it takes’ for unparalleled success.”


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