Canadian Lucara extracts a massive diamond in Botswana

The world’s second-largest uncut diamond has been unearthed in the Karowe Mine of Botswana.

After the announcement by Canadian company Lucara Diomond Corp, the miner’s share price increased to 11% to C$1.68 a share.

The 1758ct diamond is second in size only to the 3 106ct diamond that was mined at Cullinan, South Africa, in the early 1900s.

The Karowe mine, in Botswana, has produced the world’s second-largest uncut diamond, Canadian company Lucara Diamond Corp announced on Thursday, sending the miner’s share price up 11% to C$1.68 a share. At 1 758 ct, the diamond is second in size only to the 3 106ct diamond that was mined at

Cullinan of South Africa in the early 1900s.

Though impressive in size, the new Karowe whopper, which weighs close to 352 g and measures 83 mm by 62 mm by 46 mm, is not gem quality and has been characterised as “near gem of variable quality, including domains of high-quality white gem”, Lucara said in a statement.

The Chief Executive Officer, Eira Thomas added that since commissioning of the XRT circuit in 2015, a total of 12 diamonds of more than 300ct have been recovered at Karowe. This includes the two 1 000-ct-plus stones, from a total production of about 1.4-million carats.

“Lucara’s technologically advanced, XRT diamond recovery circuit has once again delivered historic results,” Eira said.

Among the 12 diamonds that were larger than 300ct, half were considered as gem quality with 11 sold to date generating revenue of $158-million.


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