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De Beers Group Industry Services’ four diamond verification instruments (DVI) submitted for testing as part of Project ASSURE have received outstanding results.

Project ASSURE is a joint collaboration between the Diamond Producers Association (DPA) and Signet Jewelers, with input provided by other participants in the diamond industry and gemmological laboratories, including De Beers Group.

The project known as the ASSURE programme has published the results from the independent performance tests of the DVI in the ASSURE Directory.

 Through the ASSURE Directory trade participants can access objective and third party verified information on the relative performance of Diamond Verification Instruments – and – guidance on how to ensure that their business is protected from undisclosed laboratory grown diamonds.

De Beers Group Industry Services submitted four instruments for testing – DiamondSure™, AMS2™, SYNTHdetect™ and DiamondView™. All four verification instruments gave a 0 per cent false positive rate meaning no synthetic diamonds were mis-identified as natural diamonds.

The instruments either identified or referred 100 per cent of synthetic diamonds for further testing while the DiamondView achieved

100 per cent accuracy and a zero referral rate and the AMS2 and SYNTHdetect instruments referred less than 0.75 per cent of natural diamonds for further testing.

 Jonathan Kendall, President, De Beers Group Industry Services said the group is thrilled to have received the results of the ASSURE programmes independent testing.

“It is of key importance to the diamond industry that we are able to provide clear guidance about the capabilities of diamond detection instruments so that our customers can have confidence in the machinery, and their ability to detect lab grown diamonds,” Kendall.

Jean-Marc Lieberherr, Chief Executive Officer of the Diamond Producers Association said trade participants have a shared responsibility to disclose the nature of the product they are selling to protect the end consumer.

“Through the ASSURE Program we will support the diamond trade, from independent jewellery retailers to large diamond manufacturers, to make informed decisions on how to ensure that undisclosed laboratory grown diamonds do not enter their natural diamond supply chain.

“The ASSURE test results should be considered along guidelines formulated by the Responsible Jewellery Council,” said Lieberherr.

The ASSURE Program partnered with the 11 manufacturers representing the 18 most widely available Diamond Verification instruments in the market.

In addition, the instruments submitted to Assure have been tested in accordance with the methods and protocols in the Diamond Verification Instruments Standard.


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