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Arc Minerals gives updates on its projects in Zambia

Arc Minerals has revealed that a number of discussions are currently underway with interested third parties about a potential commercial transaction in respect of the company’s copper exploration licences in Zambia. The company also said it has begun drilling for diamonds on its majority-controlled licences in northwestern Zambia. Following additional …

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Argonaut announces plans for a Zambian venture

Junior Argonaut Resources announced that it has placed 693.3-million shares, at a price of 0.75c a share, under its existing placement capacity to fund a drilling work in Zambia. The firm has completed a A$5.2-million private placement to professional and sophisticated investors to fund the Zambian venture. “The funds raised …

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Still too soon for investors to go back in the water

Seven months after Zambia defaulted on $3bn of Eurobond debts, Western investors are warming up to the country once again. Bets on Zambian Eurobonds have driven prices back to pre-pandemic levels and international players such as Bank of Nevis have bought up stakes in the country’s banking industry. Ratings agency …

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Zambia implored to make tax changes

Zambian government has been urged to address impediments to investment inflows and production growth, and to guarantee stable tax policies. Zambia Chamber of Mines president Dr Godwin Beene this week said it was imperative to rectify negative investor perceptions of the mining sector in the country. “Our sector, like any …

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