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Mopani Copper Mine

MOPANI Copper Mines in Mufulira has increased copper production by 2,500 tonnes in the first quarter of 2014 highlighting a growth rate of 10 per cent, a quarterly report has disclosed. Mopani, a subsidiary of Swiss owned conglomerate Glencore Xstrata, produced 27,700 tonnes of copper in the first quarter of …

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Mozambique Pursues New Mining Laws

Critically anticipated legislation changes intended to regulate the mineral potential of Mozambique, thus help it come to full realization, hinges on the Government’s determination to revoke previous ‘archaic’ laws that impede growth. Realising that the mineral wealth of the country had in 2013 alone generated over US$2 billion for the …

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Kalumbila Minerals To Build New Airport In North Western Province

The coming of First Quantum Minerals Limited in the emerging ‘new Copperbelt’ of  North Western ProvinceA has brought with it a ray of hope for the growth of the area, once perceived ‘docile’ and lacking development.  Among other projects underway besides the existing Lumwana, Kansanshi mines, is another project underway …

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Indian Multinational Stakes US$50 Million for Tanzanian Mine

As the exploration and search for minerals continues on the African continent, several multinational companies have shown eagerness to maximize on this mineral potential in the 54-member states. Among the countries that have in recent months attracted scores of multinational companies is Tanzania, courted by National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC) …

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Blackthorn Resources Seeks Lower Capital Costs at its Zambian Unit

Blackthorn Resources Limited, owners of Kitumba copper project in Mumbwa says it envisaged a lower than anticipated capital cost of developing the project which it seeks to develop into a full scale mine and produced over 39,000 of copper annually, the company said in its report.  The minerals exploration and …

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