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Zimbabwe seeks US$ 26.5m to revamp smelting plant

South Africa based Mwana Africa Limited will need over US$26 million to revive its smelting plant next year and help sustain operations for Bindura Nickel Corporation, its subsidiary company located in Zimbabwe. The revival of the smelter at an estimated cost of US$26.5 million is envisaged to save the company’s …

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Renewable energy, a priority for African mining countries

With various fundamentals besetting the mining and energy sectors, several countries are looking at various cheaper and reliable options to remain sustainable and enhance economic growth and meet demands for their people. With the unstable copper, coal, gold, nickel afflicting the international metal market, most African mining companies have been …

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Mozambique discovers more Mineral Resources

The recently undertaken extensive geological surveys in Mozambique have revealed new mineral deposits-graphite, iron ore, among others-fueling hopes for the country’s economic growth in the Southern African state. According to Mozambique’s Mineral Resources Minister Esperance Bias, the mining industry in Mozambique is getting bigger, seen as great news to the …

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Mozambique in talks with coal mining companies over depressed market

Mozambique, one of Africa’s fastest emerging mining frontiers is dialoguing with its foreign coal mining partners’ to find ways of helping them ride out depressed markets following a free-fall of the price of the heating commodity, says its mineral resources minister, Esperance Bias. The price for thermal coal has plunged more than …

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